The Experience of Animality in Culture, Science & Daily Life – konferencja (11-13.10.2012)

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The Experience of Animality in Culture, Science & Daily Life -

The Experience of Animality in Culture, Science & Daily Life

The dominant and paradigmatic model of Western thinking about the relationship between humanity and the animal world follows the Cartesian approach where animal is reduced to a machine, and human being is predestined to transcendence. In this paradigmatic model, animality is either to be transgressed and liberated from, or suppressed, or excluded from one’s humanity.

The conference will provide an opportunity for us to rethink whether it is possible to go beyond this paradigm so deeply rooted in our culture. Our intention is to discuss the presence of animal in our culture, science and everyday life. The success of the conference depends on our ability to avoid a double trap – the animalization of homo sapiens and the anthropomorphism of animals. The problem is to find a language that would set forth the dilemma of humanity versus nature away from the traditional language of animalizing and anthropomorphizing.

Organizatorzy: prof. Jerzy Axer i prof. Szymon Wróbel
Miejsce: Kolegium “Artes Liberales” Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Czas: 11-13 października 2012 r.

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Spis referatów (rozwiń)

THURSDAY October 11

Welcome and Opening of the Conference: Professors JERZY AXER and SZYMON WRÓBEL

Keynote lecture: KENNETH SHAPIRO, The Emerging Field of Human-Animal Studies: Application to Companion Animal Abuse
Keynote lecture: MONIKA BAKKE, Biotech Animal: Tissues, Cells and Genomes as Animals


PIOTR LASKOWSKI, Wegen dem Pferd. The Fear and the Animal Life
SZYMON WRÓBEL, Praise for Monstrosities. The Case of Niccolò Machiavelli
MAGDALENA DĄBROWSKA, Cynological Sports: A New Paradigm for Human- animal Relationships?

Keynote lecture: MARY TRACHSEL, Beyond Words: A Socio-Biological History of Human-Nonhuman Animal Relationships on the University of Iowa Campus (1847-2012)


KATHLEEN PERRY LONG, Evil and the Human/ Animal Divide: From Pliny to Paré
JAN HARTMAN, Animals are Good People Too
PAWEŁ ZAŁĘSKI, Ethics and Aesthetics of Vegetarianism
KRZYSZTOF SKONIECZNY, The Ethics of Becoming-Animal in Michel de Montaigne

FRIDAY October 12

Keynote lecture: KRZYSZTOF ZIAREK, The Modern Privilege of Life: Rethinking the Human-Animal with Regard to the World


MIROSŁAW LOBA, Literature and the Darwinian Turn: From Flaubert to Gombrowicz
JOANNA PARTYKA, Wolves and Women: À Propos the Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ Book
PRZEMYSŁAW KORDOS, Saurians, Khepri and Graphomanus Spasmaticus: Zoomorphism in Science-Fiction Creations
EWA DOMANSKA, I Am an Animist. Ecological Humanities and Personhood
KINGA JĘCZMIŃSKA, Attitude towards Animality in Stories about Werewolves and Vampires Analysed from a Medical Perspective
TOMASZ GARNCAREK, Shamanic Worlds of Gombrowicz and Castaneda

Keynote lecture: EWA MAZIERSKA, Animals and Humans in the Films of Béla Tarr


EWA ŁUKASZYK, Towards Other Modalities of Being: Transgression into the Animal Condition in Post-Humanity, Primitive Humanity and Contemporary Art
JOANNA WALEWSKA, The Beech Marten Project. The Use of Low Technologies for Human-Animal Communication in the Urban Niche
PAWEŁ MOŚCICKI, The Cloth of Man. Contribution to a Study on the Human-Animal Pathos

SATURDAY October 13

Keynote lecture: TOM TYLER, The Bad Faith of Being Human
Keynote lecture: CLAIR LINZEY, If You Disparage the Creature, You Disparage the Creator


ALINA MITEK-DZIEMBA, Animal Theology: The Case for a Post-Secular Sacrality
JACEK DOBROWOLSKI, Atheology of Animality as Emancipation Tool of Modern Humanity
RAFAŁ ZAWISZA, Not Being Angel. Manichaeism as an Obstacle to Thinking New Approach to Animality

Keynote lecture: TADEUSZ SŁAWEK, Unanimal Man. On What Remains Primeval in Our Formalized Humanity


NINA GŁADZIUK, Protean Manifestations of Social Darwinism in American Political Thought
AGNIESZKA KOWALCZYK, Animality and Nature in Marx Thought – Beyond Modern Assumptions?
PAWEL MIECH, Being a Rat vs. Identifying With a Rat – a Psychoanalytic Inquiry into Human-Animal Divide
MATEUSZ JANIK, People and Other Political Animals – Do We Need Dehumanization of Politics?